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Understanding all of today’s lighting options can be challenging, especially given the every-changing technologies in a fast-paced market. Here’s a little guide to what’s out there and what Lumispec can offer.


LED has become today’s most popular light source. Its benefits include low energy consumption, long life, very low heat emission, and exceptional performance in cold environments. LEDs are available in a broad range of colours. Click here to make an appointment with our consultants at the Lumispec Design Centre to show you what’s happening in LED and the creative things you can do with it.



This age-old, traditional light bulb has been the electric light source in most general-use bulbs, as well as spotlights and reflectors, for over a century. While many people prefer halogen sources, due to their unique sparkle, most models are today being designed essentially for LED. In addition, government regulations prohibit the manufacture and import of higher wattage sources, traditionally the case for halogen and incandescent.



Most commonly used in commercial and industrial environments, fluorescent does have its place in residences as well, especially since the emergence of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) technology. Fluorescent sources are generally considered energy efficient, although several of the original models (such as the “T12”) have been phased out due to inefficiency. Fluorescent/CFL bulbs are also available in a range of colours.



High Intensity Discharge (HID) is typically used in industrial applications, as well as in outdoor lighting. Its high-power lighting capability provides the opportunity for creating very bright spaces in otherwise dark environments. While many HID sources are being replaced by LED, they are still considered a significant light source in industrial and outdoor lighting.



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