Outdoor Lighting Fixtures in Montreal

Lighting for outside a building is no less important than for a building’s interior, for reasons of safety, security, and aesthetics. Lumispec’s expert lighting consultants will guide you towards the lighting equipment you need to achieve recommended light levels in all areas, finding a style that works for you yet allowing you to remain within your budget.

Here are some of the types of products offered by Lumispec in exterior lighting.

Sconces & Wall Packs

Outdoor wall sconces are great to put on all sides of a building, and they work well in both residential and commercial applications. Sconces are multifunctional: they can light up buildings, walls, addresses and signs, and also serve to illuminate the path below. Lumispec’s design services will always try to incorporate smart and attractive outdoor wall light options, some with very unique lighting effects, into our clients’ lighting plans.


Bollards are small, lighted posts that are primarily used along paths and roads. They are an excellent option for path illumination, and when wisely placed, can create lovely effects.


Did you think that gardens are beautiful only during the day? Think again! With the appropriate landscape lighting, Lumispec’s lighting consultants can tell you which type of lighting you need to make your garden shine through the night, with dazzling lighting effects that highlight the true beauty of your outdoor paradise.


Area lighting is mainly used for security and functionality, and is an important consideration when planning the perimeter of any structure. Both commercial and residential buildings need to be surrounded by enough light to deter theft and vandalism. In addition, in driveways and parking lots, pedestrian needs must be taken into account, in order to guarantee better vision and safety for a building’s residents, tenants, guests, and employees.


Lumispec lighting design focuses on bringing out the beauty of every building. Wisely chosen facade lighting can highlight the architecture and texture of a structure’s outer walls, often with correctly placed, linear LED light sources. Additionally, RGB lamps are specifically designed to create eye-catching effects, consequently drawing more attention to public spaces.


Proper sign lighting is important, as many businesses rely on them being clearly visible to the public. Without proper sign lighting, businesses risk losing potential customers, especially in long winter evenings. Popular choices for sign lighting are LED tape, gooseneck fixtures, or up lights.

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